New York

Last weekend my family and I went into New York to see the christmas cheer. But our family does it a nicer way. Every year we accumulate change from our sofa, and the dryer. Then the weekend before christmas we donate little by little to the salvation army and homeless people of New York.

The most memorable donation I had was of a little old homeless lady. She was fast asleep bundled in her coat using her money cup as a pillow. I decided to make her day by giving her a amount of money. I woke her up and placed a $1 coin in her hand, it wasn’t much but me caring made it even better.

The best gift for me is the gift of giving back, because for many people the little things really matter.

take a look at a great picture of a homeless man under people shots

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Old White Church

Recently my aunt Amy wanted me to do a photography project for her. She said that she LOVED New England, and she wanted to have the same picture taken for every season. So she can line them up making them look cool. So I said would do it. Check out the pictures on my photos page.

your photographer CGE Tommy

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My trip

Last weekend I went to Orlando’s Disney world. My grandparents celebrated their 50 anniversary. I took some great shots of them. Plus i got to go on some great rides.

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